AI G5 – Houston The First 24 – Travel Day

Yesterday was one of those long travel days. I woke up at what most of the civilized world would consider the middle of the night, loaded my cute little puppy paw print duffel bag and backpack into the car and headed to the airport. I was groped at security, forgot I had a pocket knife in my backpack… (duh) and watched the human masses pass by.

I slept on my flight from Denver to Houston, although my dreams were a bit tainted by memories of the scary horse with the glowing red eyes that you pass going into the airport area in Denver. I woke up when we encountered some turbulence. Nothing bad, I’m sticking to my story we were bouncing on solar flares. (I know, I know…it wasn’t solar flares but it sure sounds cooler than it’s cloudy and raining here.)

I hung out at Houston Hobby Airport for a few hours waiting for my AI friends from Arizona. I worked on some different things I have going on away from this Gathering, screwed around on Facebook some and did some more people watching. (There are lots of pretty people here in Texas. I couldn’t help but wonder what travel days are like for those without swollen knees.)

The AZ Crew arrived and after a pow wow of Wendy’s cheeseburgers 6 of us crammed into a mini van type cab. We rode to the hotel laughing over nothing, discussing Arizona politics…and politics in general. We arrived and were met with hugs and more laughter from those already at the hotel. I didn’t check into my room yesterday so I then spent some time with my co-speaker for the session I will be presenting on Sunday going over our plan of attack and just talking about nothing.

Evening was spent having dinner at the Sushi restaurant next to the hotel, stuffing registration bags and then just being together. Late into the evening I piled into one of, if not my best, ¬†friend on the planet’s car and came back to his house where we stayed up talking into the wee hours of the morning.

So 24 hours after I woke up, I fell back to sleep. It was a long day of travel but the benefits were awesome. Soon we head back to hotel where I will get checked into my room, find my roomie, help man the registration table and let the full on immersion begin!

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